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Mepmedia Absolute Audio Recorder v9.0.1

АвторАвтор: eujhm Дата15-02-2012, 18:29 КатегорияКатегория: Софт/WareZ ПросмотровПросмотров: 20
Mepmedia Absolute Audio Recorder v9.0.1
Информация о Софте
Название: Mepmedia Absolute Audio Recorder v9.0.1
Категория: Мультимедиа
Год выпуска: 2012
Размер файла: 7.92 Mb
Залито на: | |

О программе:
Записывайте абсолютно все, что слышите! Например, вы можете записывать исходящий звук как с внутренних, так и внешних устройств: потоковое аудио, с микрофонного входа, линейного, программ Quick Time, Real Player, Flash, игр, а также проигрывателей компакт-дисков и DVD-плееров. Записанные звуки можно сохранить в WAV, MP3, OGG или WMA-форматах. Встроенный Audio Editor позволяет редактировать аудио-файлы в соответствии с Вашими пожеланиями и применять различные эффекты. Пользовательский интерфейс обладает скоростью, точностью и простотой использования.

Absolute Audio Recorder records anything you hear! For example, you can record sound being played by both internal program and external devices like streaming audio, Mic input, Line-in input, Quick Time, Real Player, Flash, games, as well as CD players and DVD players. Recorded sound can be saved in WAV, MP3, OGG or WMA format. Build-in Audio Editor can edit audio files as desired and apply various effects. The user interface is designed with speed, accuracy and ease of use in mind.

Record Any Sound You Hear

Absolute Audio Recorder records the discrete audio output of any application, as well as all system audio, or record audio input from any microphone, line-in, or audio input hardware saving as MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG. It helps you record any signal played through your sound card in real-time.

Specify Recording Quality

Absolute Audio Recorder will automatically detect the recording formats supported by your sound card and then set the appropriate one. And you can set the application's parameters of each format for the best possible performance. The default quality setting of for output files are CD Quality for CD burning, and if you want to get more music into a disk space-saving condense setting, you can change the output quality yourself.

Schedule Recording

The inbuilt time trigged recorder enables you to schedule recording to start or stop at a specific time or after a certain period. For example, you can use this built-in scheduler to choose the execute time of Once, Daily and Weekly to record so that you will never miss your favorite TV shows or radio programs.

Customize Hotkeys

With Absolute Audio Recorder, it is available to create shortcuts on the Hotkey settings' area to start or stop the recording to suit your own preferences. Furthermore, it is convenient for you to perform operation even the program is not an active window.


The AGC (Automatic Gain Control) and VAS (Voice Active System) are provided for professional recording needs. The AGC helps you increase and equal overall sound volume level of the recordings. You can adjust the parameters and apply/preview the effects immediately even in the recording. The VAS helps you record without silence. The intelligent silent detector can auto start, auto stop, auto pause, auto restart for skipping silent passages, combining multi-files in one file, snooping voice after a certain amount of silence.

Manage Recordings in File List

The recordings will be automatically listed in the file list in which you can perform various operations like copy, edit, activate audio CD burner or ripper, etc. the built-in Audio Editor helps you visually edit your recordings and other sound files to create your masterpiece with some cool audio effects. Absolute Audio Recorder is not only a superb Audio Recorder but also a very fine Audio Player that lets you play the recordings for immediate enjoyment.

Operate Easily

Absolute Audio Recorder provides a snappy and user-friendly interface for users. Our user interface is presented extremely simple with all buttons and controls big and clear enough even for those poor-sighted. Even elementary users can perform all actions just by one mouse click.

О файле:
Активация|рег код: Присутствует(Serial)
Язык Интерфейса: English
Формат файла: rar
Платформа/ОС: Windows® XP/Vista/7


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