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inthecrack set 1341 lilly ford.zip

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Pedestrians can send signals to cars via their mobile phones, helping others detect their presence. In the future, stoplights can warn vehicles of a potential accident or dangerous situation to prevent more trouble on the road. The tech could also help curb pollution by allowing cities to set specific regions where vehicles must drive in fully electric mode.

Other applications include identity management, payment processing, and location-based services. To create the new platform, Ford is partnering with Autonomic, a Silicon Valley-based company with expertise in cloud and distributed systems. In the near future, stoplights and intersections could come equipped with 5G communications, and vehicles would need to offer the tech to support this.

Although not quite as radical as its drone delivery service idea , Ford has partnered with Postmates to make it easier for customers to access goods they need in cities. Ford and the on-demand delivery company will explore ways in which self-driving vehicles can send goods to people more efficiently. Ford says the move could help support local businesses by expanding their reach beyond specific neighborhoods. As part of our ongoing efforts to make MotorTrend.

As always, thanks for reading MotorTrend. The most current version of the site as always is available at our home page. To view an earlier snapshot click here and then modify the date indicated. Enter Techmeme snapshot date and time: Meltdown and Spectre patches: Where to start and what to expect.

Windows Meltdown and Spectre patches: Expand More For Next. Unexpand More For Next. Understanding the performance impact of Spectre and Meltdown mitigations on Windows Systems. Microsoft tests show Spectre patches drag down performance on older PCs. Intel Offers Security Issue Update. Microsoft confirms that Spectre updates will slow older PCs. Microsoft says security patches slowing down PCs, servers.

Microsoft talks performance impact of Meltdown and Spectre patches on your PC. Microsoft details the performance impact of its Spectre, Meltdown patches.

Microsoft says Meltdown and Spectre fixes will slow some PCs down significantly. Microsoft Security Updates January release. Microsoft just published performance metrics for Meltdown and Spectre patches. Similar to my http: More bad news for the Spectre firmware patches: Microsoft expects significant performance hits on Windows 7, 8 and Server.

Windows 10 should be limited to single-digit slowdowns. Facebook is purportedly working on an Echo Show killer called Portal. Facebook to reportedly release an Echo Show competitor with facial recognition.

Facebook Portal video chat device tipped to take on Amazon Echo. Facebook is reportedly entering the hardware business with a home device for video calling. The Show is probably the least popular Echo on the market after the Look http: Additionally, a real promotion strategy will be needed.

The lure of hardware - everyone has to fail at one before they realize hardware is hard. Facebook has more brand problems than any comparable company, IMO. This thing has no chance. People hate Facebook too much. I suspect people will have some feelings about the idea of putting an FB device in their homes. I mean versus an amazon or google one http: Discover and Maps performance lagging. Consumers spend more time on Snapchat than Instagram: Snapchat is mostly a messaging app.

Snap map usage is abysmal https: Survey data we have suggests the same about Snapchat primarily being a chat app. The fact that all of this leaked says everything you need to know about the state of Snap employee morale.

Amazing scoop by TaylorLorenz: Microsoft and Qualcomm partner to boost Cortana adoption. Wireless Noise Cancelling sports headphones to wear anytime, anywhere. Google Assistant is coming to Android Auto. Google Assistant is fully coming to Android Auto this week. Qualcomm is making Cortana smart speakers easier to build. Hisense is also bringing Google Assistant to its top TV models. Do you regularly use more than one digital assistant? Virtual Mining Bitcoin News: Google Assistant makes its way to JBL headphones.

New devices and more: Google Assistant coming to smart screen devices and Android Auto. Lenovo shows off the first Google Assistant smart display, will go on sale this summer. Google takes on Echo Show with four new smart displays. Lenovo Smart Display hands-on: Google Assistant gets a new kind of home. Google to launch smart speakers with touchscreens.

Just like with phones, there is no room for a third player. Google to start rolling out Assistant this week to US users of Android Auto, which currently uses older Google Now-like tech for speech-based queries.

Google Assistant moves into cars. You will soon be able to control your Kia vehicle with Google Assistant. It appeared first inside the Echo …. Toyota is the latest automaker to add Alexa to its cars. Probably obvious to some but I thought the fact that they offer their own developer kit pretty amazing. Amazon unveiled the Alexa Mobile Accessory Kit for developers to more quickly and cheaply integrate the smart assistant in headphones, smart watches and fitness devices http: Expand More For Next 2.

Unexpand More For Next 2. TVs and voice assistants dominate the biggest day at CES. Anker floods CES with speakers, projectors, Alexa car kit. Asus announces Lyra Voice, which functions as both Asus joins the Alexa smart speaker party with Lyra Voice. This mesh router is also an Alexa-equipped speaker. WPA3 is coming this year to enhance Wi-Fi router security. WPA3 protocol will make public Wi-Fi hotspots a lot more secure. WPA3 will boost Wi-Fi security and privacy. WPA3 to feature much needed security enhancements.

Your local public Wi-Fi network may be a whole lot safer soon. Tougher WiFi security will keep you safe at the coffee shop. Intel reorganizes amid tumult over computer chip flaw. Intel reveals 49 qubit quantum chip bringing it neck and neck with Google and IBM.

Intel Rolls Out 49 Qubits. Data is the Foundation of Innovation. How are the shares, Bry? Intel chief cops to CPU fix slowdowns. Intel shows off its new Loihi AI chip and a new qubit quantum chip. Intel is building brain-like processors that will power the robots of the future. Accelerated Mobile Pages Project: Google will remove its name from fast-loading mobile URLs. Google kicks itself out of its own cache when serving AMP pages. This has been a big publisher pain point with AMP — fix to start rolling out later this year.

Now can Apple please fix its source-obscuring Apple News addresses? Enhanced parental controls are coming to iOS. In response to investor letter, Apple says improved parental controls coming in future update. Apple, kids, and iPhone addiction: Parental controls in iOS are long overdue. Apple says it will introduce more parental control features on iPhones after investor concerns. Best Tech of CES Urban transportation ideas from the tech world.

Ola working on assisted-driving cars, hires professionals with autonomous tech skills. Toyota to Introduce Amazon Alexa in its Vehicles.

Amazon Alexa coming this year to some Toyota and Lexus cars. Toyota is bringing Alexa to select vehicles this year. Toyota and Lexus vehicles will add Amazon Alexa this year. Baidu debuts Apollo 2.

Kate Spade and Skagen smartwatches join the Android Wear fold. Kate Spade gets into the smart watch game. Kodak creating KodakCoin, develops its own cryptocurrency system. I remember when adding.

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